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Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Upholstery cleaning is hard to do. When a chair or couch gets dirty, you can’t just throw it in the wash. The fabrics used to cover your furniture can be durable or delicate, but they require professional attention either way. This is why you need to call GNC Carpet Cleaning. GNC Carpet Cleaning is much more than a carpet cleaning service – we’re upholstery cleaners, too.

Just like your carpet, upholstery can hide plenty of dirt, allergens, and microbes. You might be sitting in all that, or it might get stirred up when someone sits down, eventually finding a home in your lungs. Air ducts aren’t the only parts of your home or business that can put bad things into the air. Of course, humans usually have cleaner clothes than feet – but what about your pets? You love your pets, but you don’t always know exactly what they’ve got in their fur, and that pet hair gets into everything. It’s not just hair, either. Pet odor can build up until nobody (not even you) wants to be near your furniture.

This isn’t just a residential problem, either. If upholstered furniture is found in your business, it’s definitely to your advantage to have that furniture cleaned regularly. Clean, inviting furniture helps project the best image possible to your customers.

No matter how your upholstery has gotten dirty, you need professional upholstery cleaning. Those professionals need to come to you, on your schedule, and need to know their business. GNC Carpet Cleaning is the company you need.

GNC Carpet Cleaning is practically in your neighborhood, being based in Huffman, Texas. Available 24/7, GNC Carpet Cleaning can care for your upholstery at a time that works for you. Licensed, insured, and with over 40 years of experience, GNC Carpet Cleaning has the background necessary to safely do the job the right way. You might just need a routine cleaning for your upholstered furniture, or you might need extensive pet hair and odor removal. Whatever your upholstery cleaning needs, you should call GNC Carpet Cleaning.