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Tiling & Grout Restoration

Effectively cleaning tile and grout is a chore. Yes, a tile floor is usually much more durable than upholstery. Unlike your air ducts, tile and grout is usually exposed and easy to reach. Unfortunately, though, plenty of people are still cleaning tile floors with a classic “mop & bucket” setup. This does lift away some of the dirt and grime, and cleaning solutions can do a workable job of killing germs. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t the best cleaning method available. For one thing, a good amount of surface dirt just ends up getting spread around. Even if it gets off the tile, it might just collect in the grout. Beyond that, the irregularities in the tile surface can end up making dirt and debris hard to catch.

If you really want to get your tile clean and make your grout beautiful, you need an expert in tile cleaning. Here’s where GNC Carpet Cleaning is the call you want to make. GNC Carpet Cleaning will drive over from Kingwood in a vehicle equipped with a true tile and grout cleaning system. When GNC Carpet Cleaning drives out to a tile and grout job, the truck houses an impressive steam cleaning unit. The steam cleaner delivers a sanitizing blast of 220 degree Fahrenheit vapor at a pressure of 1200 psi. Added to that is a 25 horsepower vacuum. Not only is the steam killing microbes and going into every nook and cranny, the suction is getting all that dirt completely off the floor.

GNC Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning service for all aspects of your home or business. If your tile or grout is making your residence or commercial building less inviting, you can do something about it. Call GNC Carpet Cleaning. We’ll get in the truck and drive over at a time that works for you. We’ll bring a crew that’s big enough to do the job, and equipment that gets the job done.