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GNC Carpet Cleaning

You may be thinking, “What do I need carpet cleaning services for? My carpets don’t look dirty.” The reality is that there is a lot in your carpets that you may not be able to see. If you’ve walked on something other than your carpet, and then walked on your carpet, that something is now stuck in the fibers. Just think of everything that can be on the bottoms of shoes, socks, and feet. Some of that has inevitably gotten onto or into your carpet. Take a look at what might have taken up residence on your floor:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Pet Dander
  • Whatever you walked through when you were in a parking lot

All of that can get kicked up into the air whenever someone walks across the room. What you’re walking on may be what you’re breathing. What everybody else has been walking on may be what you’re breathing. Your carpet might look like a clean surface, but it can harbor a lot of nearly invisible particles. (By the way, this same situation can be true for your upholstery.)

This is why you need professional cleaning services, and why you need to call GNC Carpet Cleaning. When you put GNC Carpet Cleaning on the job, you’re getting a crew that has the equipment and experience necessary to get as much of that nasty material out of your carpet as possible. We have the necessary work ethic, too. Really getting your carpets clean means getting to as much of them as possible. We move your furniture so that your cleaning dollars are maximized, and also so that we don’t damage anything with our equipment.

On the other extreme, what if your carpet has a visible problem? What if it’s stained or damaged? Stain removal is important to GNC Carpet Cleaning. Give us a call so that we can take a look at your problem. We’ll tell you exactly what we can do to get that stain out. If your carpet has a damaged area, or needs to be stretched, call us first! We’re your neighbors in Huffman, and we can come to you when you need us.

If your carpets look dirty, or if they just haven’t been cleaned in a while, have us come out to you. A Cooper and their crew will be on the truck.

…and remember, we perform tile and grout cleaning too!